What is Form GSTR-4A?

Form GSTR-4A is an auto-drafted and read only form and is auto created on basis of data from the saved/submitted/filed Form GSTR-1/5 and filed Form GSTR-7 of the taxpayers, where composition dealer is the recipient. The Composition dealer cannot take any action in Form GSTR-4A. This form is only for view. Action can be taken only in Form GSTR-4. All details available in Form GSTR-4A will be available in Form GSTR-4 as well, to composition dealer.


As no auto-population of data from Form GSTR-1/5 is happening in Form GSTR-4 at present; taxpayer is not required to take any action in Form GSTR-4 for such details. Form GSTR-4A may be used as reference to enter invoices in Table 4A, 4B, 5A (Amendments), 5B (Credit/Debit notes) and 5C (Credit/Debit notes amendments) of Form GSTR-4.


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