Amount debited from bank account but cash ledger not Update in GST.

There may be  instances while making payment, where amount has been debited from your account but the same has not been updated in cash ledger under GST portal, for such instances  you can file payment related grievances using FORM GST PMT-07

Situations where money got deducted from the bank account but not reflecting in the Electronic Cash Ledger, or CIN not received, etc., users are advised to wait for 24 hours from the time of making the payment. Most cases get resolved automatically within 24 hours.


For which issues can I raise a grievance?

Grievance can be raised in case of following issues:

  1. Amount debited from the bank account, Cash Ledger not updated
  2. NeFT/RTGS related issues

Please do not raise a grievance under the following conditions:

  1. Before 24 hours of debit of amount from the bank account
  2. If payment status is PAID and amount is updated in Cash Ledger.
  3. In case of E-payment, payment not initiated from the GST Portal.
  4. If Memorandum of Error (MoE) is raised against the CPIN.
  5. Payment status is Failed and amount is not debited from bank account
  6. In case of OTC Payment, status is AWAITING BANK CLEARANCE and cheque/ Demand Draft is not realized.
Do I need to be a registered user of GST Portal for filing grievances?

Any registered taxpayer and any user who has been assigned Temporary ID can raise grievance for Payment related issues.

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