Incorporating a New Company.. Now Get GSTN Right away….

Ministry of Corporate affairs has issued e-From INC 35 AGILE  which can be  filed as linked form with SPICe for incorporation of a Company , lets scroll down to some of the questions-answers to interpret the concept.

Who all can apply for GSTIN through AGILE form?

Anyone who intends to incorporate a company through SPICe eform having registered office address can now also apply for GSTIN through this eform. The application (SPICe) for incorporation of a company shall be accompanied by a linked e-form AGILE to obtain GSTIN.

(This process will be applicable only for Companies incorporated by MCA through SPICe application. Other categories of applicants, viz. Tax Deductor, Tax Collector, Casual Taxable person, ISD, SEZ Registration, ISD registration, Factories intending to apply for EPFO code etc. shall follow the existing process of registration through their respective Common Portal for registration)

 Is it mandatory to file INC-35 at the time of submitting SPICe form?

Yes. The application (SPICe) for incorporation of a company shall be accompanied by a linked e-form INC-35 (AGILE) with effect from 31st March 2019,though, it is optional to apply for GSTIN incorporating company, filing of INC-35 form along with SPICe form is mandatory.


Registered office of business is in State ‘Y’ but i want to obtain GSTIN for State ‘A’. Which state should I select in AGILE form?

The registered office of the proposed company as provided in the SPICe shall be the principal place of business for GST application,you need to select the  same state and district in AGILE form (INC-35) in which the registered office of proposed company exists.

The form is notified vide the Companies(Incorporation) third Amendment Rules, 2019 dated 29th March 2019, to read complete FAQ on agile form click here


This seems to be a much awaited step by MCA and it will surely add some credit in making “ease of doing business” a practical phrase.


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